About Us

About Us

Ninth Avenue is a family owned Canadian company. We commenced business in April, 1990, and have become known as "the little engine that can..". Our 'can do' attitude has earned us respect amongst top suppliers and customers alike. 

Approximately 70% of our business is competitively priced top quality logoed wearables, and the remining business is 'hard goods' with customer logos. All product must pass our personal testing before we'll sell it to you, our customer - no exceptions. 

Through inhouse embroidery, we maintain the highest possible standards when reproducing customer logos. We do not have minimum runs on any embroidered product, and our turnaround can be as fast as the situation dictates. We have never missed an event.

Rather than take our word for it, please give us a call. We'd be more than happy to provide names of longtime satisfied customers who will attest to our abilities, our honesty, and our constant friendly demeanour. 

Honesty - if you ask for a product that we know to be less than adequate quality, we'll refuse to sell it to you, but will offer alternative better quality product, most likely at the same or better pricing.